The HR Pre-Qualify System’s Cost - Value
Relationship is Unparalleled

Hiring the wrong employees is expensive. These dollars represent unmanaged monies. They can become easily manageable through the use of the HR Pre-Qualify System.

Starting level employee replacement costs can range from $1,500 through two times the total pay and benefits. Research published in professional journals shows that the cost of adding HR Pre-Qualify to the hiring process is less than 15% of what is saved by using it. HR Pre-Qualify more than pays for itself.

Standard pricing per job seeker administration ranges from $16.25 to $25.50, depending on the number of job seeker administrations that are purchased. The value of the HR Pre-Qualify System is obvious in dollar savings and peace of mind.

Price for the HR Pre-Qualify System includes:

  • System setup, development of customized messages, & training

  • Ongoing support by Toll-free phone and email

  • Job seeker 24/7 access to appropriate toll-free phone number and Internet address

  • Administration of the Pre-Qualifying questionnaire by phone and/or internet to job seekers

  • Use of the Internet-based candidate tracking, management, and reporting system, which includes 24/7 password protected access for authorized users to:

- Job seekers’ responses to Pre-Qualifying questionnaire items
Interpretive report of job seekers’ responses
Monitoring and real time updating of job seeker status
List of suggested follow-up questions for interviews and reference verification