Accessing A Job Seeker's HR Pre-Qualify Results


Once job seekers complete the questionnaire, their responses are automatically processed by the system, and are immediately available for use by the employer. Results are immediately by fax, e-mail, or HR Pre-Qualify’s comprehensive, Internet-based, candidate tracking, management, and reporting system. Broadly inclusive and scientifically validated interpretations of a candidate’s responses are provided in each report. And the HR Pre-Qualify System automatically develops specific results-based follow-up questions to ask in the interview and during reference checks. The report of results also contains a complete record of the job seeker’s responses to each of the pre-qualifying questions.

Results for job seekers can be delivered by fax, email, or they can be accessed anywhere in the world, on a 24/7 basis, using the HR Pre-Qualify system’s Internet based candidate tracking, management, and reporting system.



Using the system’s unique position profiling capabilities, employers can compare each individual job seeker’s results with those of the ideal candidate for the job. This comparison process allows employers to directly identify a given job seeker’s strengths and weaknesses (if any), with regard to each of the job performance categories covered by the HR Pre-Qualify system.

Results indicate whether candidates:

· Fully meet the employer’s job requirements

· Partially meet them

· Have been disqualified on the basis not meeting one or more criteria contained in the position profile, that the employer has previously identified as being disqualifying criteria. When a job seeker is disqualified, the system politely and professionally ends the person’s participation in the pre-qualifying process.