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Position Profiling With
The HR Pre-Qualify System

Based on the level of productivity and reliability you require for a given position, you can use the HR Pre-Qualify Systemís profiling process to help construct behaviorally-based selection guidelines. This process has helped many organizations to better structure and standardize their staffing process. Using these profiles helps you to increase the objectivity of the process. When used in conjunction with the HR Pre-Qualify Systemís structured follow-up interview and reference check questions, you can more accurately identify the candidates who will be able to help achieve your organizationís strategic priorities.

Profiling Options:

There are two ways in which you can utilize position profiling with the HR Pre-Qualify System: (1) developing a single company-wide profile; or (2) developing individual profiles for particular positions within your company.

Company Wide profiling is best used in a company where the basic work behavior skill requirements are reasonably similar across most positions.

Individual Position Profiling is most helpful in a company where the basic work behavior skill requirements are different across various positions.

Use Position Profiling To Help You Make More Accurate Staffing Decisions

With this type of profiling, you establish thresholds or benchmarks for each scale. If an applicant scores above the threshold on a particular scale, you utilize the structured follow up interview and reference check questions, supplied with the System, to cross check and clarify the candidateís results on the questionnaire. This method helps you ensure that the candidates you hire really do have the work behavior skills necessary to perform their job in a productive and reliable manner.

Developing A Position Profile

The first step in developing a position profile is to identify the specific work behavior skills needed to perform the job in a productive and reliable manner. To get a better understanding of this process, consider the following example:

Assume that you are hiring for a position where client services, maturity, and company loyalty are important work behavior skills. On the other hand, the position does not involve any access to money, other valuable company assets, or dangerous working conditions. The most important scales for such a position are Courtesy ( C), Emotional Maturity (E), Conscientiousness (F), and Job Commitment (Q). Accordingly, you would want to set the benchmarks for those scales lower than for the others. Below is a sample profile that might be developed for this type of position.

Using our existing library of profiles, or special Position Profiling Worksheets, our Client Services Department can assist you in developing profiles that are consistent with your staffing requirements. This ensures that the most relevant scales are differentially applied to your staffing process, based on your specific work behavior skill requirements. You can then start to use these benchmarks as an integrated part of your staffing process.


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