Increasing the number of job seekers applying for your open positions

  • System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so job seekers don’t have to take time off from their current job in order to apply.

  • Using a toll free number of the Internet, job seekers can apply from any location, at no cost to themselves.

  • Studies show that the average of number of applicants responding to available positions increases by up to 40% through use of the automated system.

Cutting down on wasted time in the selection process

  • You don’t have to sift through resumes or spend time with unqualified job seekers. We provide you with a group of interview-ready "finalists" who meet your requirements for the position.

  • Our applicant management and reporting database gives you immediate access to job seeker results. You can compare and rank candidates and make notes documenting applicant progress.