Pre-Qualifying Questions: Entry Level 1

The following questions can be used to help qualify job seekers. These questions can be used to identify unqualified job seekers and remove them from the process, or they can be used to gather information about each individual that will be used later, when rating and ranking the available job seekers (Please refer to the staffing process flow chart for details.)

Building Your Customized Pre-qualifying Questionnaire - Choose the questions on the next pages that are appropriate for the position you wish to fill, by marking an "X" in the check box to the left of the question. If you would like to disqualify job seekers who answer a question a certain way, check the box next to the answer on which you wish to disqualify. If a box is not provided next to the answer, you are unable to disqualify job seekers for that answer.

When job seekers are disqualified on the basis of an answer to a specific item, they will receive the following message:

Disqualifying Message: It appears that you do not meet one of the requirements for this position. If you have a question about this, please contact a support representative at [your assigned toll free support number]

*** Disqualified job seekers are not able to go through the HR Prequalify process again without first contacting a customer service representative.

Job Seeker Referral Source — Can be used to gather information about recruitment program effectiveness.

1. Newspaper

1. Where did you hear about this position?

2. Internet

3. Employee Referral

4. Word of Mouth

5. Radio

6. Other (always used as last choice)


Demographic Information (These questions can only be used for employers who are required by the OFCCP to document applicant flow) - Used for compliance with OFCCP and EEO regulations. This data will not be shown as a part of the job seeker file. This data can only be viewed in summary reports. Both of these questions are asked.

2. You will be asked to answer two questions about yourself. These questions are used solely to help us comply with
federal and state regulations. The answers you give are for reporting purposes only and will not be used in any way for
making a hiring decision.

A. Please indicate your gender. CHOICES: Female, Male or Decline to answer

B. Please indicate your ethnic background. CHOICES: Hispanic, Caucasian, African American, Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Decline to answer


Basic Disqualifiers


3. Have you been convicted of a felony in the last seven years?

1. Yes


2. No


4. Are you at least 18 years of age?

1. No


2. Yes


5. Are you willing to submit to a drug test for illegal drugs?

1. No


2. Yes


6. Please Indicate your highest level of education.


1. Some High School


2. High School Diploma or GED


3. Some College


4. 2 year college degree


5. 4 year college degree


6. Schooling above the undergraduate level


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