Initial Setup of HR Pre-Qualify

Employers use the HR Pre-Qualify Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire Workbook to:

(A) Develop a customized introductory message for job seekers (e.g., a brief description of the company, its vision (if desired), plus a brief description of the position and the job requirements). This message can be used to "inform and sell" job seekers when they first access the HR Pre-Qualify system.

(B) The next step involves employers reviewing the list of questions and deciding which specific ones to ask job seekers.

Questions in the HR Pre-Qualify system have been professionally developed to accurately identify those job seekers who meet the key qualifications for the position, and who are most likely to be high performing, productive, and reliable employees. The questions cover a number of different categories, all of which are related to performance on the job.

Highest educational level

History of prior criminal convictions

Relocation and travel availability

Wage / salary requirements

Willingness to take a drug test

Work behavior skills

Work history including past performance and tenure (1)

Work history including past performance and tenure (2)

Work schedule availability (1)

Work schedule availability (2)

In order to maximize accuracy, objectivity, and fairness, administration of the HR Pre-Qualify system’s questions is standardized. However, there is some limited flexibility in this regard. In those situations where an employer wishes to shorten the length of the pre-qualifying process, it is possible to somewhat reduce the number of questions.

(C) Depending on a specific employer’s needs, job seekers who do not meet specific pre-qualifying criteria can be disqualified from the process. Alternatively, job seekers who do not meet specific pre-qualifying criteria can be placed in a "backup" pool for possible later consideration. The decision to use either one of these options is determined by the number of open positions and the total number of pre-qualified job seekers who have successfully met all of the employer’s pre-qualifying criteria.

Accordingly, the employer next decides whether to use any of the questions to specifically disqualify job seekers. If disqualifying questions are to be used, the employer also decides the specific criteria to be used for disqualification.

(D) Develop a customized closing message for job seekers (e.g., thanking the job seeker and describing what are the next steps in the process).

The employer is then given a toll-free telephone number and/or website address to be
listed in the company’s recruitment advertising and candidate sourcing materials.
Next, an employer determines which methods will be used to source job seekers. Each of these sourcing methods directs job seekers to contact the HR Pre-Qualifying system by calling the assigned toll free number or by logging on to the assigned Internet address. If an employer uses "Job Boards" as one of its sourcing methods, a direct link to HR Pre-Qualify can be included within the job posting itself. Job seekers who are interested in a position can immediately begin the HR Pre-Qualify process.

Recruitment/sourcing advertising materials are published, directing job seekers to access the appropriate toll-free telephone number or Internet address.