Essentially all organizations use the process of strategic planning to help them identify their business priorities. The resulting set of strategic priorities helps to guide and focus the organization’s day-to-day efforts, as each employee works to maximize productivity and profitability.

Human capital is a core organizational asset, which is essential for achieving two common strategic priorities: (1) increasing workforce productivity and (2) increasing organizational profitability. For this reason, the acquisition and retention of high performing and productive employees is a critical Human Resource Management function.

The efficient and effective acquisition of such individuals requires a structured and integrated staffing process. However, despite this obvious fact, limited resources are typically allocated to the staffing function. For this reason, the acquisition of high performing and productive employees has become a major challenge for most managers — particularly with the low rate of unemployment that currently exists. Under these conditions, managers are vulnerable to feeling that the professional staffing standards of efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency, must give way to simply hiring "anyone who walks in the door".

The HR Pre-Qualify system provides a refreshingly efficient, and effective alternative for managers who find themselves frustrated by this challenge.


Brief Overview Of The Staffing Process

The staffing process is typically described as having three components: (1) sourcing, (2) pre-qualifying or screening, and (3) selection. To view a more detailed description of the overall staffing process, and how the HR Pre-Qualify system fits into this process, click HERE.