Why Use The HR Pre-Qualify System?

Determining if a candidate is qualified for a job is difficult. And it can be a time-consuming, resource draining, expensive, and dangerous liability when mishandled. Companies use the HR Pre-Qualify system to produce the following outcomes:

· Increase the number of job seekers applying for open positions

· Lessen the time and difficulty in hiring

· Decrease turnover and increase retention

· Bring more high performing, productive, and reliable employees into the organization

· Reduce the potential for error

· Minimize the liability of making wrong selection decisions

· Increase organizational profitability

The HR Pre-Qualify system helps the hiring authority to make the best decision possible, based on a job seeker’s actual objective qualifications for the position.

HR Pre-Qualify does the difficult work. Objectively, efficiently, effectively, and clearly, it indicates each job seeker’s potential for success on the job. It collects and evaluates job seeker information and identifies the best available candidates to fill job vacancies. The HR Pre-Qualify system is an invaluable aid to making the right hiring decision.

With the HR Pre-Qualify system, there is no more wasted time sifting through resumes or spending time with unqualified job seekers. Those responsible for hiring need only select from among already pre-qualified candidates to fill jobs. Job seekers register themselves for the job and use the automated system to answer pre-qualifying questions that certify their potential for success on a specific job.

Research published in professional journals consistently shows that the HR Pre-Qualify system makes the staffing process more efficient and effective in other ways as well:

· Recruitment difficulties are significantly reduced, because use of the system results in increased retention. Average reduction in turnover is 35%.

· Increased workforce productivity

· Increased organizational profitability